To join CDPF, please download the application form and briefing questionnaire which can be found on this page.

Organisations Supporting Relaunch of CDPF

Australia People with Disabilities Australia (Full) (Implementation Statement)
Australia First Peoples Disability Network Australia (Associate)
Bangladesh National Grassroots Disability Org (Associate)
Bangladesh Access Bangladesh Foundation (Associate)
Bangladesh Jatiyo Trinomul Protibondhi Sangstha (NGDO) (Implementation Statement)
Belize Assembly for Persons with Diverse Abilities (Full)
Botswana Federation of the Disabled (Full) (Implementation Statement)
Cameroon Platform Inclusive Society for Persons with Disabilities (Full)
Canada Canadians with Disabilities Council (Full) (Implementation Statement)
Canada People First (Associate)
Canada Canadian Association for Community Living (Associate) (Implementation Statement)
Dominica Association Persons with Disabilities DAPD (Full) (Implementation Statement)
Fiji Disabled People’s Federation (Full)
Ghana Ghana Federation of Disabled (Full)
India Swarthinae Odesha Eastern India (Associate)
India National Centre Employment Disabled People (Associate) (Implementation Statement)
Jamaica Combined Disabilities Association (Full)
Kiribati Te Teo Matoa (Full)
Kenya Ability Society (Associate)
Kenya Users & Survivors Psychiatry Ass. (Associate)
Kenya United Disabled Persons of Kenya UDPOK (Full) (Implementation Statement)
Lesotho LNFOD (Full) (Implementation Statement)
Malawi FEDOMA (Full)
Malawi Deaf Blind VIHEMA (Associate)
Malaysia Damai – Disabled Persons Association (Associate) (Implementation Statement)
Mauritius Youth with Disabilities Empowerment Platform (Associate)
Mauritius Federation of Disabled People’s Organisations Mauritius (Full) (Implementation Statement)
Mozambique FAMOD (Full)
Nauru Persons with Disabilities Organisation (Full)
Nigeria JONAWPWD (Full)
Nigeria National Association of Women with Disabilities (Associate)
Nigeria Family Centred Initiative for Challenged Persons (Associate) (Implementation Statement)
Pakistan Special Talent Exchange (Associate) (Implementation Statement)
Papua New Guinea Assembly of Disabled Persons (Full)
Rwanda League of the Blind (Associate)
Rwanda NOUSPR (Full)
Rwanda UNABU Women (Associate Delegate) (Implementation Statement)
Samoa Nuanua Ol Alofa (Full)
Sierra Leone Union on Disability Issues (SLUDI) (Full)
Sri Lanka DOJF (Full) (Implementation Statement)
Solomon Islands People with Disabilities Solomon Islands (Full)
South Africa Disabled Persons South Africa (Full) (Implementation Statement)
South Africa Autism South Africa (Associate)
Swaziland Federation of Disabled Persons in Swaziland (FODSWA) (Full) (Implementation Statement)
Tanzania Association of the Deaf (CHIAVITA) (Associate) (Implementation Statement)
Tanzania SHIVYAWATA (Full) (Implementation Statement)
Tonga Naunau O’E Alamaite Tonga Association (Full)
Tuvalu Fusi Alofa Association (Full) (Implementation Statement)
Uganda National Union of Disabled Peoples of UGANDA-NUDIPU (Full)
Uganda Legal Action for Persons with Disabilities (Associate)
Uganda Youth Physical Disability and Development Forum
UK National Federation of the Blind (Associate Delegate)
UK Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance (Full) (Implementation Statement)
Vanuatu (Full)

Founding Conference Supporting DPOS 35 countries: 31 Full, 21 Associate