Commonwealth Scholarships

Dear Colleagues,
Please circulate to disabled people in your country with a good first degree for Masters and a Masters level for PhD scholarships. Closing date to CSC by 18th January 2021.

I draw your attention to the attached terms of CDPF collaboration in Nominating for Scholarships for Masters and PhDs at UK Universities. The scope of this years grant has been reduced by cuts in the FCDO grant and COVID 19. This means only half eligible countries can apply this year. It is hoped in 2022 this will return to candidates from whol;e range of Commonwealth countries.
All potential applicants must apply to the CSC by 18th January and submit supporting documentation to the CSC. If they want the CDPF to consider nominating them after they are registered with CSC then they need to apply with their details, a PDF of their registered application. They must be a disabled person and submit up to 500 words on how their studies will lead to improvement in the position of disabled people in their country. CDPF operates a policy of gender balance in choosing applicants to nominate.  See attached.

Thanks and Best wishes–
Richard Rieser,General Secretary, Commonwealth Disabled People’s Forum