CDPF Online Disability Equality Capacity-building Course

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The CPDF will run two 90 minute interactive seminars A & B on Fridays (other than Thursday 1st of April as the following Friday is Easter ). You have been allocated to one of these. They will be captioned and have International Sign Language interpretation. These will run at different times: A. 8.00-9.30 am GMT and B. 4.00 -5.30 pm GMT and you will access with a Zoom Code we will provide to you. The first seminar on Module 1 will be on 19th February/20th February depending on your time zone.

The first of our 14 modules ‘Thinking about Disability’ will be up from Sunday 14th along with the course book on Module 1. We will expect you to have played the presentation and read the Course Book on Module 1 prior to the Seminar on 19th February.

This pattern will be continued weekly for all the Modules, with a week off on 5th April. We will expect you to keep a folder of your completed follow up work and upload it for the 1st seven modules by Sunday 11th April.

If you have problems with your internet connectivity or other issues email our administrator.

It will be a good idea to organise your study by Modules so you can manage your work. See list of Modules with dates listed below.

May I wish you well on the course and ask you to think about questions or queries you have for the interactive seminars.

Thanks and best wishes,

Richard Rieser
General Secretary CDPF
For CDPF Training Team