Free On-line Disability Equality Capacity-building Course

The Commonwealth Disabled People’s Forum is an organisation representing Disabled People (people with disabilities) across the 54 countries of the Commonwealth, which works to improve their position, wellbeing and human rights. With 80 organisations run and controlled by disabled people in 46 countries currently affiliated, we have worked hard to campaign, co-ordinate and lobby for disabled people during Covid-19 pandemic.

We know that worldwide the pandemic disproportionately impacted on disabled people and their families and showed up the cracks in Governments’ undertakings to treat disabled people fairly and equitably. Now we have to both live with the increased threat of infection and Build Back Better to increase Disability Equality.

Disabled activists, their organisations and leaders need to have a good understanding of the oppression we face as disabled people regardless, of our impairment. We need to understand that the impact of thinking of us as a problem to be fixed, an object to be done to and as people without rights, has to change. We need to understand such old-fashioned thinking must change to a social model/human rights approach in line with the UNCRPD and SDGs, where disabled people are in control of what happens to us as powerful subjects in civil society, capable of bringing about real social and economic change for the 450 million disabled people of the Commonwealth.
The Course will consist of 14 modules delivered weekly, on-line, consisting of an hour’s presentation on the topic, access to a Course book chapter, completion of course activities (all available for 1 week prior to seminar) and attendance at a weekly 90 minute interactive seminar on a Friday (run twice at 8am GMT and 4pm GMT).

There is a CDPF pass accreditation for a minimum of 10 modules completed, good pass 12 modules completed and excellent pass for all 14 completed. All modules to be at an acceptable standard. Reasonable Accommodations apply.

We are particularly looking across the Commonwealth for younger disability activists and will give preference to girls and women up to 50 % applicants followed by those who have been involved in a local or national Disabled People’s Organisation (DPO /OPD). We will seek balance across countries. We can enrol 120 + participants. To apply you must complete the application form and return it to by 4th February, 2021.

Video materials will be captioned, have international sign interpretation and be accessed at a password protected part of our website Successful applicants will receive this by 12th February, 2021.

We are still finalising funding with our partners Action on Disability and Development and with our funders the Disability Rights Fund and the Commonwealth Secretariat.