Commonwealth Scholarships 2024

The Commonwealth Disabled People’s Forum is a partner of the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. Those who are disabled applying to the CSC for 2024 may also apply to CDPF for selection for a recommendation. Each year CDPF select and put forward 10 Masters candidates and 5 for PhDs.

CSC applications must be in by 17th October
Requests for CDPF Recommendation must be in by 14th November. Send to General Secretary.

CDPF Criteria to recommend for a CSC Scholarship

  • Must be disabled and provide proof of long term impairment;
  • Show understanding of concept of Reasonable Accommodation 50 word;
  • Must demonstrate experience in aiding the struggle for disability rights and equality 200 words;
  • Must demonstrate how their proposed study will improve the position of disabled people in their country 200 words;
  • For Masters have a 2.1 or better degree unless can show a lack of reasonable accommodations prevented them achieving this grade. This must be backed up a letter from Tutor, Dean of Studies or Vice Chancellor of University or similar at which they undertook the study.
  • For PhDs plus above also- that they have a clear research project benefit disabled people;
  • Have been accepted at a UK university to pursue this and have a Tutor
  • and have published in the field.
  • All must have 3 Testimonials, have completed CSC on-line registration and submit required document and send copies of these to CDPF with your answers to the above.
  • 29th August 2023

CDPF operates strict gender balance equality criteria.