Course Documents

Module 1

Models and Thinking About Disability: Implications for Action

Module 2

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Sustainable Development Goals and their Impact on Disabled People’s Human Rights

Module 3

Mental Health and COVID-19

Module 4

Innovation – focusing on improving Access and Assistive Devices

Module 5

Trade – Improving Livelihoods and Employment

Module 6

Environment – focusing on the Impact of Humanitarian Situations

Module 7

Respect for Law-focusing on Eliminating Stigma and Discrimination

Module 8

Disabled Children and Young People’s (Youth) Rights and Participation

Module 9

Inclusive Education

Module 10

Disabled Women and Girls

Module 11

Racism and Disability: Developing Anti-Racism Perspectives for Disabled People

Module 12

Disability and Data

Module 13

Building DPOs, Campaigning and Increasing OUR Voice

Module 14

Influencing Government